Engine Shed – a review of the first 3 years

In December 2013 we started a 15-year lease on a historic building forming part of Temple Meads Station. We wanted to review what we’ve learned during our first ‘chapter’ and have published in 2016 A platform for inclusive growth – a review of the first 3 years.

• Our vision is that the Bristol & Bath city region is a growing, inclusive and sustainable economy that benefits everyone who lives here, and is recognised internationally as innovative and dynamic.
• We strive to achieve that vision by using our neutral space, our connections, our partners, our financial surplus and our passion to encourage and enable people, businesses and organisations to fulfil their potential and take full advantage of the rich diversity of our collective capability.
• We do this because we have an entrepreneurial zeal, a passion for new business methods and for learning, the courage to try new things, a healthy impatience and a generosity of spirit towards economic development in the region that creates financial value which, in turn, creates social value.
• We host a number of strategic tenants (known as components), have meeting spaces for collaboration to take place (rooms for hire and members’ business lounge), enable co-working for small enterprises to access our networks, and host and support events that connect actors in our ecosystem. We use the money, intelligence and knowledge that those provide to fulfil our ambitions.
• The way we work is built on our values of excellence, integrity, collaboration, connectivity, sustainability, diversity, acceleration, experimentation, innovation and ambition.

Over the past three years we have made solid progress towards these ambitions and created an innovative platform for growth. We are proud of that.

Our challenge now is to use this platform to help continue the growth in the city-region to benefit as broad a population as possible for the long term.

Review of first three years of Engine Shed

A platform for inclusive growth – a review of the first 3 years

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